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emite combines with Genesys Customer Experience Platform to give users access to a world-class cloud contact center analytics solution

April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — emite (a subsidiary of Prophecy International ASX:PRO) has achieved platinum status within Genesys AppFoundry, the industry’s largest dedicated marketplace focused on customer experience solutions. The AppFoundry allows Genesys customers from all market segments to discover and rapidly deploy a broad range of solutions that make it easier to interact with consumers, engage employees, and optimize their workforce.

“We’re proud to have emite with their premium applications in our enterprise marketplace AppFoundry.” said Juergen Tolksdorf, Sr. Director, Marketplace Innovation. “Their solution complements the capabilities of Genesys Cloud and integrates seamlessly into the user experience. Due to their flexible licensing mechanism, their solution can be utilized within all sizes of customer environments.”

emite is a leading cloud contact center reporting and analytics solution that combines advanced analytics, data correlation, KPI management, and threshold alerting into a single, out-of-the-box solution. emite currently integrates with over 80 different platforms, enabling users to pull all their contact center performance data (including human sentiment) into one single pane of glass. With emite, contact center teams can spend less time logging on to multiple platforms or putting together incredibly complex reports, and more time focusing on creating a world-class contact center experience.

“By adding emite to their Genesys contact center, customers will be able to maximize their investment in Genesys,” says Paul Herbka, Vice President of Product Management at Prophecy International. “As a Platinum Partner, we are incredibly excited to work together with the team at Genesys and continuing to innovate, adapt, and improve our solution to enhance contact center reporting capabilities around the world. These are the best and brightest minds in this industry and together, we plan on bringing some exciting offerings to market throughout 2021 and beyond.”

emite is dedicated to supporting the growth of the contact center industry worldwide, and to help with that initiative, emite has been working around the clock to help identify the biggest obstacles to better reporting and assisting contact center teams in overcoming these obstacles by streamlining reporting processes, eliminating data silos, and creating a solution that handles a complex reporting environment:

  • Visualizing Data in a Single Pane of Glass
  • Simple and Efficient Reports
  • Real-Time & Historical Reporting Capabilities
  • Custom KPIs (key performance indicators) and reports for your exact needs
  • Omnichannel Reports

As a Premium App on the Genesys AppFoundry, Genesys customers have the benefit of having their emite subscription included on their Genesys invoice thereby simplifying vendor management.


About emite

emite, a subsidiary of Prophecy International (ASX:PRO) emite is the Contact Center Analytics solution that combines advanced analytics, data correlation, KPI management and threshold alerting into a single, out-of-the-box browser-based solution which provides actionable insights from both real-time and historical data. Visit www.emite.com.

About Prophecy International Holdings Limited

Prophecy International Holdings Limited is a listed Australian company (ASX:PRO) that has been operating globally since the 1980s. More recently the focus at Prophecy has been on growing the emite and Snare lines of business. emite service intelligence platform combines analytics, correlation, capacity, and performance, availability, and SLA management into a single, out of the box solution to provide customers with real time insight. The Snare product suite is a highly scalable platform of security products designed to find, filter and forward event log data. Snare log sources include Windows, flat files, databases, Linux, Mac, and Solaris with coverage for desktops and servers.

Prophecy operates globally from Adelaide and Sydney in Australia, London in the United Kingdom and in Denver, USA.

Visit www.prophecyinternational.com