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eMite is a global leader in integrating, correlation and visualising data.

Identifying the cause of a poor sales or service is difficult, as it involves data that is scattered across multiple systems. Without understanding the true problem, companies spend energy fixing the wrong things or addressing problems that aren’t there, wasting millions of dollars and countless hours of employee time.

Our vision is to provide solutions that enable our customers  to monitor and manage people, processes and systems regardless of the underlying data sources.

eMite is an expert in contact centre analytics, visualisations and data correlation. CX Intelligence in a SaaS solution used by over 200 customers around the world to drive improved customer experience from their Genesys, Avaya and Amazon contact centres.

A subsidiary of Prophecy International, an ASX listed Australian software company, since 2015 eMite has operations in Australia, the US, Europe and the Philippines.

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