Use Case: Healthcare | US | Genesys

Improving 24/7 Contact Center Performance for a Critical Hotline

This mid-sized US healthcare organization has been providing essential mental health and developmental disability services to its local community for over 50-years.

To better support both adults and children living with mental illness, substance use disorder, and intellectual or developmental disabilities, this organization provides a critical 24-hour helpline and access to 24/7/365 online support via chat and email.

In order to ensure that all patients are met with quality service at every step of the way, and to provide a standard of customer service that is consistent across multiple channels, it is imperative that the team in charge of the hotline and contact center operation have around-the-clock access to all contact center data – including online support channels.

This level of reporting is not only essential for delivering high quality customer service to patients and callers, but in providing the necessary real-time and historical data to help the leadership properly staff and train agents to handle highly sensitive calls.