Sydney— Friday, 24th January 2019 — Prophecy is pleased to announce that its subsidiary emite is co-presenting with Genesys AppFoundry at the Genesys internal Sales Kick off in Dall, Texas on the 28th January 2019. emite was the Genesys Global AppFoundry Partner of the Year for PureCloud in 2018.

Genesys AppFoundry is a marketplace of solutions that offers Genesys customers a curated selection of integrations and applications to help create great customer experiences. The goal is to offer the most useful solution-centric marketplace for all Genesys platforms in a single location. emite was one of the first PureCloud AppFoundry partners and is a Premium App Partner for Genesys.

Premium App partners have their solution available for purchase on the Genesys pricelist and also have deep integration for provisioning and billing.

emite is launching a new and refreshed version of its Advanced Analytics for PureCloud, PureConnect and PureEngage, taking the learnings from over 150 customers across more than 15 countries and offering a new, upgraded product with a modern and compelling look and feel and increased functionally. New functionality includes brand new “runbook” capability that allows customers to trigger a range of configurable actions and alerts based on thresholds and algorithms; improved provisioning process that enables customers to have real time data in their dashboard in minutes; application performance enhancements and new gamification tools. Call center gamification is the implementation of game mechanics in the call center to motivate employee engagement and achievement. Call center representatives are encouraged to compete to complete objectives and outpace other agents.

emite is also announcing the release of new capability for Genesys customers through our CX (Customer Experience) Intelligence Platform that is now available on the Genesys Pricelist though the Genesys AppFoundry.

emite CX Intelligence brings together data from a customers’ contact centre solution like PureCloud, PureConnect or PureEngage and combines that with data from many other systems like CRM, ServiceDesk or Customer Satisfaction surveys. This platform delivers business value reporting and analytics using the data cross-correlated from multiple data sets in an easy to use, visually appealing and highly configurable set of dashboards.  The emite CX Intelligence solution brings real time and historical data from multiple systems to our customer’s finger tips in a highly scalable SaaS offering that can be deployed in minutes. Customers get almost immediate value from the “Out of the Box” functionality and the ability to create and configure to their own requirements using the emite dashboards, all without needing to write any code.

“Getting data on the operations of your contact centre is valuable and has been the core of our offering for the last year or so but customers increasingly want to see business outcomes from their contact centres – after all calls typically end in a sales opportunity or a service request. How many calls actually resulted in a sale, was a service ticket raised for each call, and how did the customer respond to the engagement are all very simple examples of how this technology can be used. Greater insight in how many sales dollars per minute of talk time and benchmarking staff based on business results rather than just operational metrics are just some of the things that our customers want from their analytics platform”, said Brad Thomas, CEO of the Prophecy Group. “We are incredibly pleased that this functionality is now available through Genesys AppFoundry and is available in one transaction from Genesys bundled with their contact centre software solutions. Importantly for emite, it also increases the revenue we can generate from each sale increasing our potential overall deal size from new and existing customers.”