A Financial Services & Banking Success Story


Financial & banking service providers are charged with facilitating and managing critical accounting services, which means that contact centres within this industry are constantly under pressure to quickly and efficiently answer and resolve a large volume and range of important enquiries that come in from customers. Many of these calls are filtered through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call flow system, which means having a clear map of all decision points in the IVR call flow is a top priority for the contact centre team.

Learn how emite helped this global market leader for fintech services to:

  • Create decision points, track customer progress, and map the call flow process
  • Provide reliable, real-time & historical agent performance data for the Customer Operations team
  • Dramatically improve interactive voice response call flows
  • Create a better experience for customers and agents


A call flow is a road map to how calls will be handled from the moment they enter the phone system to the end of the call. Call flows can be used to handle even the most complex call scenarios and enable great customer care. An IVR system with custom-built menus can expedite incoming calls, accurately route callers, or even schedule a call-back.

By enabling callers to easily respond to options by voice or touchpad, they can quickly get to the information they’re looking for or have their issue escalated to an agent, if necessary.

The Customer Operations team at this financial services provider did not have a way to visualise how the customer journey was performing due to IVR tools not accurately tracking customer progress & key metrics throughout the call process. Without reliable data, the client was unable to track the performance of critical steps within the call flow process.

Using Reliable Data to Improve the Customer Experience & Make Better Data-Driven Decisions

As communication channels and technology evolves, customers not only expect to be connected to an agent straight away, but they want to be connected to the right person for their needs and get their issue solved on the first call. In order to meet this expectation and keep customers happy, this financial services provider required a clear understanding of the IVR call flows their own customers traversed. 

Using emite to as a tool to feed accurate data to a single view, the Customer Operations Team was able to quickly and confidently analyse the efficiency, effectiveness, and relevance of every key step within the call flow process. Access to reliable call flow data provided leadership with data-driven insights to identify areas of improvement throughout the customer journey and a clear idea of how and where to make adjustments to enhance the customer experience.

Paving the Road to Customer Success

Using emite’s Custom KPI functionality to Provide the Right Metrics to Meet the Reporting Requirements

To map each decision point and track customer progress, the level of reporting granularity required could only be achieved using custom attributes within the Genesys Participant action data, which was beyond the standard capability of reporting for Genesys Cloud.

To meet the unique reporting requirement for the client, the decision was to enlist the use of emite’s custom KPI functionality to provide the unique measures and metrics required in order to get the right data to the Customer Operations team.

Together, emite, the client, and Genesys agreed to the best strategy was to make use of the custom attributes provided by Genesys Participant data actions and the Unique Call Segments index within emite to provide detailed reporting across all decision points in the call flow in order to create a map of the entire interaction.

Tracking Progress, Decision Points and Call Flows


The financial services client now has a fully functional, highly measurable custom KPI solution providing insights across the entire customer call flow journey. This solution not only meets the current requirements but is also designed to provide the flexibility and scalability to meet future requirements as the organisation grows and seeks to provide greater support to their customer base.

“ Not having confidence in the data that was coming from our contact centre made it incredibly challenging to know how and where to improve our call flow. emite has been critical in helping provide our team with the data and reports that we require to make better staffing and operations decisions.

Omnichannel Reporting & Analytics

Keep up with mobile and digital and communication trends in your industry. Easily creating reports and analyze your contact center’s data across Chat, Voice, Email, and Callback.

Workforce Management

Agent performance insights from emite will help improve operational efficiency by ensuring that the right number of agents are staffed at the right time.

Ingest Multiple Data Sources

emite integrates with over 80 different technology platforms, enabling your company to pull in data from multiple sources into one single report.

Interaction Analytics & Sentiment Analysis

In addition to valuable operational analytics and agent performance data, sentiment analysis will allow your team to analyze customer experience on an entirely new level to improve agent-customer interactions.

Competitive Pricing

emite is dedicated to supporting the growth of the contact center industry and providing access to best-of-breed technology to contact center teams across the industries we serve. We are providing access to our complete cloud contact center solution at an updated and highly competitive price.

Improved Agent Retention

Agent attrition can be costly and can also lead to poor customer experiences due to agent turnover. Access to real-time and historical agent performance data and sentiment analysis will help with agent retention and training.

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