Improving Operational Efficiency and Data Integrity for One of the Country’s Largest Municipal Government Contact Centers

Municipal governments are charged with providing numerous critical services that impact the lives of all residents, including law enforcement, tax collection, public health protection, public social services, elections, and flood control. The criticality of these services are why government contact centers are constantly under pressure to quickly and efficiently answer and resolve a large volume and range of inquiries that come in from constituents.

The volume of call traffic, the nature of the calls, and the strict budget and resourcing constraints make effectively managing a state, local, or municipal government contact center incredibly challenging for Workforce Management (WFM) teams – especially when the data they need to make critical staffing and resourcing decisions is not reliable.

Learn how emite helped one of the largest municipal governments in the United States:

  • Identify and fix costly data discrepancy issues
  • Provide reliable, real-time and historical agent performance data to the WFM team
  • Dramatically improve agent performance and make better staffing and resourcing decisions
  • Reduce taxpayer dollars by creating a more efficient contact center operation, and
  • Create a better experience for residents of the county